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Adoption Agreement

In consideration of receiving the animal described herein from the KARUNA ANIMAL WELFARE ASSOCIATION OF KARNATAKA here in after referred to as "KARUNA". Adopter agrees to be bound by the following terms and conditions:-

  • Adopter will provide proper and sufficient food, water, shelter and be kind and would treat the animal carefully at all times. Adopter shall not leave the animal unsupervised outdoors.
  • Adopter will have the animal neutered or spayed by a licensed Veterinarian, if necessary.
  • Adopter will take the animal to a Veterinarian for examination and immunization at least annually and will procure immediate Vet care should the animal become ill or injured.
  • Adopter shall not part with the possession of the animal except to return it to above centre by prior arrangement if for any reason he or she is unable to keep the dog.
  • Adopter will keep the animal as a companion and not allow the animal to be used for medical or experimental purpose.
  • Adopter agrees that if KARUNA should determine at any time that any of the provisions of the agreement have not been fully complied with or that the animal rightfully belongs to some other person, adopter will return the animal to KARUNA upon demand. If adopter fails to return the animal on demand, KARUNA shall have the right without further notice or demand, to enter the premises where the animal may be and remove the animal without process of law. Adopter agrees to waive all claims for trespass or damage.
  • Adopter is fully aware that KARUNA makes no guarantees whatsoever as to the health, temperament, mental disposition and training of the animal.
  • Information concerning the habits and past history of the animal is passed on by Association to the adopter in good faith. This is based on statements made by the previous owner; however, there is no guarantee of reliability. The Association is unable therefore to accept liability. For any consequences whatsoever resulting from events attributable to the failure to give information or the transmission of wrong information.
  • The animal is believed to be in normal health on leaving the Shelter except where specific conditions have been made known to the adopter. It is regretted that the Association is unable to accept the liability for expenses of any kind arising from sickness and subsequently.
  • In cases where the animal is known to possess a specific condition, the presence of which is notified to the adopter, the responsibility for a cost of future treatment shall be solely that of the adopter.
  • If adopter had other pets at home, adopter attests to the fact that all of adopter's animals are current in their annual vaccination. Adopter fully and completely releases KARUNA from any claim, cause of action or liability for any illness adopter's other animals may develop, even if said illness may have been procured from the animal adopted from KARUNA.
  • Adopter will allow Investigator of KARUNA to inspect the animal and it's living environment and to remove the animal if investigator is not satisfied with the conditions under which the animal is being kept.
  • In the event of adopter refusing the animal to KARUNA for any reason, adopter will at no time assert any claim or demand against KARUNA for any charges which may have been incurred in connection with animal.
  • The ADOPTERS should follow the rules stipulated by civic authorities including licensing of pets.

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