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Animal Welfare Association of Karnataka


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The organization was established in the year 1888 as ‘Bangalore Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ and was registered as a charitable society on 24th May 1916. The name of the organization has changed to ‘Karuna Animal Welfare Association of Karnataka‘ on 30th September 2001. Karuna is a member of WSPA, England and North Shore Animal League, USA.




    Vaterinary College Campus,
    Near-BBMP Help Center,
    Hebbala, Bangalore - 560 024.
    Telephone: 23511329


    Kasturba Road,
    Opposite to Queens Statue,
    Bangalore - 560 001
    Telephone: 22860205


Commencement of Animal Shelter on 31st March 1979 with the area 3,000 Sq. Mtrs

  • Equipped with Operation Theater, Examination Room

  • 42 kennels

  • 5 open kennels

  • 1 Puppy section

  • Large Animal Sheds

  • Dog run

  • Aviary

  • Cattery

  • Retired Police Dogs Section

  • Shelter Facility for ownerless / other animals

  • Night emergency services

  • Animal birth control operations


A new building in the south, which can accommodate another 100 animals specially for adult dogs, cats, diseased pets, pups and rabies monitoring rooms and so on. The Karuna is out reaching in its efforts to keep the premises clean and tidy for the stay and treatment of accident, rescued and injured animals. Thus our sheltered animal friends are enjoying their life in Karuna which have been appreciated by enthusiastic visitors to the shelter. The Karuna has elected office bearers – one president, two vice presidents, ten executive committee members, one Hon treasurer & co-opted members and special invitees and various sub-committees members to take care specific duties of animal welfare services assigned to them. As well Karuna has salaried office staff-one official secretary, Two Animal welfare inspectors, one officer in charge, Six veterinary officers, one veterinary supervisor, two large animal ambulances, 1 small animal ambulance, six drivers and thirteen attenders are committed to the work of animal welfare service allocated to them.


  • Animal Health Camps
  • Control of Canine Rabies – Free Anti Rabies Vaccination Programmes all over the state, Pet / Animal Shows.
  • Humane Education Programmes
    • Spot Painting Competition
    • Spot Essay Writing Competition
    • Elocution Competition for school children on animal welfare subjects
    • Visit to National Parks / Safaris
    • Formation of Karuna Clubs
    • Visit to National Parks / Safaris
    • Formation of Karuna Clubs
  • Village Level Work
    • Rural development and animal welfare all over the state of Karnataka.
    • Health Camps
    • Preventive Food and Mouth Disease Vaccination


Karuna, one of the oldest animal welfare organization based at Bangalore is in the Southern state of India, Karnataka. The Karuna Trust (Karuna means “kindness”) is a nonprofit organization in the state of Karnataka that takes care of stray, abandoned or abused animals, conducts animal welfare activities, and humane education under the able leadership of Dr. B. C. Ramakrishna, a true animal lover at heart and an accomplished veterinarian by profession.

Few words by Dr. B. C. Ramakrishna, Patron

The Covid pandemic has waned and all the developmental activities have started. Bengaluru is now facing a new unexpected problem of flooding of the low lying areas due to unprecedented downpour of rains these past few months. Karuna is trying to make ends meet with its planning and other resources. It is also accommodating all the animals rescued by the police and also animals involved in police cases. Karuna has now taken up a new project of conserving the Kadaknath breed of poultry birds, which are unique in nature. All the welfare programmes and activities of Karuna are in progress. We are looking forward to the new management committee to be formed in the ensuing annual general body meeting for the furtherance of the Association.

The rescued cows under the care of Karuna have started breeding, which is a good sign. All the incoming susceptible animals are protected against rabies and dewormed. All our staff is annually given prophylactic vaccinations against rabies. The enquiry committee formed by the government in response to complaints by some agitators, has since been withdrawn by the Karnataka Government.

I wish all the members, activists and volunteers all the best in all their endeavours for the cause of animal welfare.

Few words by Dr. D. T. Jayaramaiah, President

The Kamna Animal Welfare Association of Karnataka, Bangalore (Kamna) formerly known as the Bangalore Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BSPCA) was established in the year 1916.Since then it is involved in the prevention of cruelty to animals, animal welfare, rescuing of abandoned animals, sheltering of animals involved in accidents, etc. At most times the animal strength at Kamna is more than 400 animals, comprising of dogs, cats, sheep, goats, cattle, rabbits, guinea pigs, Kadaknath poultry, guinea fowls, Emu etc.

To look after these sheltered animals we have a committed staff of around twenty members. We also have front office staff to attend to visitors and to attend phone calls and also to interact with visitors and the general public. We annually conduct humane education programmes for school children and also the general public, which has been temporarily stopped due to the Covid pandemic. They are soon to be resumed at the earliest. Kamna also feeds stray indie dogs in and around the Hebbal area.

The Government of Karnataka has turned down the baseless allegations of some people with vested interests and has encouraged us to continue our unstinted efforts towards animal welfare.